Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An actual phone conversation

Usually Kells' phone conversations go a little like this "Hi. What are you doing? Bye!" and that's it. He's not big on talking on the phone. Well, he wasn't until yesterday when we called Aunt Amber. He took the phone and immediately asked what Levi (his cousin) was doing. Next thing I hear is a somewhat strange conversation between, what can only be, the two small children. This goes on for a little while and then I recognize English again and realize he is now talking to Aunt Amber again.
Kells: What are you doing?
I forgot to put sunblock on today and my finger got burned and now the skin is peeling off my, just one finger.
And then I had a scary dream. There was a silly monster who licked my ear.
Aunt Amber was quite amused and we giggled about it between the two of us and then I shared that just that morning while trying to wake Kells up for the day he rolled over and said "Why are you marrying the clown?" to me.


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