Friday, October 01, 2010


I realize it has been forever since I posted last and I should now rename my blog to Living through my son AND daughter but I'm not going to and I'm going to try to post more often.
How time really is crazy that Kells has started kindergarten and is turning 6 in less than 4 weeks. 6 already!?! Are you kidding me? Six whole years have passed since I was rubbing my belly and talking quietly to the little being inside of me. Pushing his butt down out of my lungs and reprimanding him for cutting off my air supply. Six years since all I had was my imagination in wondering what he would look like and 6 years since I had the complete meltdown and nervousness that only comes to expectant mothers. How can this be?!?
And on to Deirdre. She's already 16 months old!! Where did that whole year go? She's walking, "talking" all the time and has started going pee in the potty already. How did all of this happen? When did I grow up enough to have kids and who gave them permission to just grow like they do?
I tell Kells all the time that he just needs to stop growing and his response is "I just can't do that mom." But WHY!??!

Monday, September 28, 2009

chicka chicka woo woo

Kells loves to sing to his sister. He also loves to scream sharply into her face because it makes her jump and sometimes she laughs and sometimes she cries. When she laughs, Kells laughs. When she cries Kells starts repeating "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" over and over again very quickly. For the most part he is just trying to play with his little sister the best he can. Afterall, she just lays there. He can't wrestle with her. He can run with her but he has found what he can do with her. He can sing. Deirdre has found her voice and nowadays my house is filled with this......
Chicka-chicka-woo-woo in a very high pitched voice....silence.......Very high pitched squeal courtesy of my half banshee daughter. And so their song goes. I will try to get a video of it so you can see. It really is adorable. It would be even more adorable if I had ear plugs. :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009


It's been forever since I've posted on here because I have facebook and everyone who reads this also reads facebook so it's kind of redundant but I'll catch up the best I can anyway. Kells is doing awesome as a big brother. We got a puppy as well and that's not going so great with him but we'll get past it. He just doesn't understand that kicking the dog is not okay and so we have to correct that behavior. As for his being a big brother...amazing! He sings to her and tickles her and makes her laugh and then he pokes her in the eye. Whoops! Guess we have to work on that too.
He is growing so much as a person though. Lately he has started saying the greatest things ever. He asked me what killer whales ate the other night and when I got to penguins he stopped me and told me they can't eat penguins because the feathers would tickle their mouth. I love this kiddo so much. On to photos though because they are way better than anything I type. And there are tons of them too.
Grandma Vicki made him a robot costume.
Grandma Vicki with the kiddos
He tuckered himself out when we went to a football game
A little lovin for the mama
Oh yeah! that's some good pb&j

Monday, June 22, 2009

Deirdre Caj is here

Kells is a new big brother. Well, he's about 3 weeks into it but he is the big brother none the less. And he's a great big brother. He is constantly trying to carry her across the room (with strict parental guidance) and he always wants to help feed her (for about 3 seconds until he realizes he actually has to hold the bottle) and he is sure to let everyone know that his little sister is Deirdre Caj. Yes, he adds the middle name, always.
When he was first introduced to her I was surprised at how unenthusiastic he was. Then I realized that of course he wasn't interested because his cousins CJ & Levi were there. His Grandpa John, Grandma Jackie, Nana, Fish, Aimee G, Jodie, Frankie & Owen were also in the room. So, he went outside and played and paid very little attention to the new baby in the room. His second meeting was also pretty anticlimatic. He walked in, asked where she was and that was it. He still does that. His first question is always "Where's Deirdre?" Once he knows, he carries on with whatever he was doing or going to be doing.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I love this kid

I know I say this a lot but he just amazes me on an hourly basis. He and Luke stayed home yesterday and when I got home he had to show me that they had done some drawings together. While Dad's helicopter was a sight to be seen, Kells' family portrait will be around for a VERY LONG time!
From left to right, An alien of course, Mom and Deirdre in utero, Kells and Dad. I love that he included his sister. He's gonna be such a great big brother.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Goodnight Kells

Bedtime is always fun when you have a 4 year old. For all of my 3 readers, you know exactly what I'm talking about.
Bathtime, pjs, brush teeth, snuggle, get into bed, read a story and then remind the kids 50 gazillion times that it is in fact bed time when they come out to tell you "Mom, I have to tell you something."
The other night I was talking with my sister (Hi Amber!) on the phone and Kells came in no less that 3 times during the 12 minute conversation we had. The final time he came in Amber and I said our good-byes. Kells said his standard "Mom, I have to tell you something." So I, of course, responded with "Yes Kells?" okay, so it was more like "Kells it's BEDTIME and you need to get there right now." So he said "Mom I love you and you're the best." Okay, so how do I actually keep my angry/exasperated and at my last nerve composure to something like that?? I managed somehow and said "thank you Kells, now go to bed." But wait! there was more.
"Mom, I want to say goodnight to Deirdre." He then proceeds to lift up my shirt and kisses my belly and says "Good night Deirdre. I love you and you're the best." Ahhhhhh, I know hearts are melting right now. As he's hopping off the bed I hear in a high pitched fairy voice "Goodnight Kells, I love you" followed by a Kells voice saying "Deirdre said good night to me."

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An actual phone conversation

Usually Kells' phone conversations go a little like this "Hi. What are you doing? Bye!" and that's it. He's not big on talking on the phone. Well, he wasn't until yesterday when we called Aunt Amber. He took the phone and immediately asked what Levi (his cousin) was doing. Next thing I hear is a somewhat strange conversation between, what can only be, the two small children. This goes on for a little while and then I recognize English again and realize he is now talking to Aunt Amber again.
Kells: What are you doing?
I forgot to put sunblock on today and my finger got burned and now the skin is peeling off my, just one finger.
And then I had a scary dream. There was a silly monster who licked my ear.
Aunt Amber was quite amused and we giggled about it between the two of us and then I shared that just that morning while trying to wake Kells up for the day he rolled over and said "Why are you marrying the clown?" to me.

Monday, March 23, 2009

He's so great

For those that I didn't hastily text message on Friday when we got home, Kells walked into the house and said "Mama, you're the best mama ever." Yep! He melts my heart on a pretty constant basis.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Food policeman

Kells went to my last OB appointment and at that appointment I was very disappointed to find out I had gained 8lbs in 2 weeks. Seriously!!? Well, my doctor grabbed my leg and said "there's 5lbs of it right there" and proceeded to put me on a salt restriction. Fast forward to 3 days ago. Luke made dinner (thank you very much honey!) and it was great. He made steak stir-fry. Half-way through the meal (in which I had no rice because I'm also on carb restriction due to gestational diabetes) Luke made the comment "It's a little salty." It was a teeny bit salty but no big deal. He hadn't used salt, he had used fish sauce (which of course has salt in it), but he made me dinner and I was going to eat it.....until he said that. Because once he said that Kells dropped his fork and turned to me with huge eyes and said "You can't have salt!" He then continued to stare at me with an open mouth until I shoved my plate away. I'm just hoping my doctor doesn't give me anymore restrictions at my appointment today because Kells will be there and I'm sure my son will keep me on the straight and narrow if he knows about what I am and am not suppose to be ingesting.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Buck me off

I was going through old files today and came across this little video that made me crack up all by myself in my office. Then, of course, I started to tear up and want to cry because my little guy is not even close to this little guy. And never will be again....... Booooohooooooo!!!! My baby is growing up so fast.