Monday, September 22, 2008

Big Brother

We found out last week that Kells is going to be a big brother. Luke & I are very excited about it but Kells is just eh! When asked if he wants a little brother or sister he is very adamant about having a little brother. Having a little sister isn't even an option as far as he is concerned. So, yesterday, I asked him what he wants his little brother to be named, if he has a little brother. He automatically comes out with Charlo. ???? Yeah, me too. I asked him where that name came from and he said it was a super hero. So I asked him if he wanted his little brother to be a super hero and he amended his answer to Jacob. Hmmm? Not sure where he got that from but this is a name I am not opposed to.
Shhhhh! Don't tell Kells but mom and dad are kind of hoping for a little sister.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hard work

I'm one proud mama lately. Well, I'm a proud mama all the time but especially lately. I'm from the country and can relate better to "hard work" being getting dirty and sweaty rather than sitting here at my computer and shuffling paperwork. Yep! I said it, I don't work hard! My son on the other hand, he gets it and does it. Every evening when we get home from my "hard day of work" (eyes rolling here) Kells promptly changes out of his tennis shoes and puts on his snow boots,(not really sure what that's about but it's his show so I don't question), and goes out back to where we have a nice little patch of dirt. It's about 4x4 in the back yard where grass refuses to grow so it's the sand box. Anyway..... About an hour after Kells runs outside he will come in and show me his hands proudly proclaiming "I've been working hard Mom! Look at how dirty my hands are." To him, it's serious business this "working" in the dirt. He will stomp around the yard looking for his shovel so he can dig out a hole and do his hard work. It's priceless. Now, I'm not saying I want my son to be a dirt mover but if that's what he loves to do then well, I guess he's getting a head start on the work place competition huh?
He does have other interests though. He buckled his belt the other day, put on Luke's work shirt, swam in Luke's shoes and tromped down the hall
Kells: "Mom, I'm going to work."
Mom: "Oh yeah! What do you do there?"
Kells: "Work"
Mom: "Well I know, but what do you do for work?"
Kells: "Shoot people."

and this is when it became apparent that perhaps he needs to be educated on the fact that Daddy hauls around people's money and keeps it secure and even though he carries a gun we all hope he NEVER has to use it.

The wagon is trying to get my toes

Kells has such a vivid imagination and on most evenings can be heard in his room performing an entire production of ANYTHING with his cars, blocks, and even pillows. My favorite moments are when he wakes up though. He dreams! And it is so amazing to listen to him tell about his dreams. Granted, he doesn't go into deep detail but the idea that such a young child has dreams and can recite at least some of them back is just astounding to me.
When he was only 2 1/2 and barely talking I walked into his room to wake him up one morning and he started shouting, "No! No!" Of course I got a little freaked out that he might be having a nightmare but when I woke him up I asked if he was alright and with this amazed look he said, "The wagon is trying to get my toes!" The wagon is trying to get my toes? No idea what the rest of the dream consisted of but he was convinced there was a wagon after his toes.
Another time, about a year later, he woke up several times in the night crying. Finally I brought him in to bed with me because really moms, it's something you gotta do if you want to get any sleep at all, right? In the morning I asked him what he was so scared of and he got very serious and announced, "There were purple spiders in my room." Not just regular old big nasty hairy spiders. Oh no! There were PURPLE spiders in his room that were freaking him out a bit.
I think this morning was the best dream story yet though! I woke him up and he was not happy with me at all. He shot up, looked at me very sternly and said, "Mom! I was building a castle in here." As he said here he pointed to his temple. I said, "Building a castle?" He said "Yes! But in HERE!" pointing again. Then he adamantly said, "Shut the light off, I'm building my castle" and rolled over and went back to sleep. That, my friends, is MY child!!