Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The big move

Okay, so it's been forever since I posted but I have a good excuse. I have no camera. That's right, it dies, I buried it in the garbage can under some banana peels and coffee grounds and I never want to see it again. Problem is I don't have a backup one so I haven't really had anything worth posting. But now.....alas, my sister has shown up and taken some pictures of the little guy and so now I have something for you all to look at.
We have moved to our new home in the city and Kells is loving the new place. It has an enormous fenced in yard adn a lot of sun. It also has a gravel driveway that Kells likes to fill his pockets up with. I have found sticks, rock, and even a pretty big boulder that he stuffed into his overalls. Forget that they have pockets, the big pouch is big enough for everything. Today he put a hot wheels downt he front and found it when it fell out of his pants leg. He's an adventurer and has attempted climbing the 5 foot chain link fence and then found a way to open the neighbors gate. It was a great learning experience for the neighbor though because she has a little girl who is only a couple weeks older than Kells. I imagine the gate latch will be moved up out of reach within the week.
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He enjoys playing in the yard. He tries to be a stunt rider on his four wheeler, riding it backwards and while standing on it. He also tried out the scooter but he hasn't quite figured out how it works. Although today he did figure out how to work the bell.
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He likes to sit on the porch and just check out the neighbors. We do have a questionable person that lives across the street that I'm not sure I want Kells watching at all but all in all he just hangs out.
We went to a farm a couple weeks ago and he decided to climb the corral fence to check out the horses. He thought he was something else getting all the way up there.
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So, now you're updated. We have gone to the beach and the park and just explored our new surroundings. Unfortunately, we have no pictures but hopefully that will be remedied before long.