Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Santa Claus

Christmas is fast approaching and this year Kells decided that he did indeed want to see Santa Claus. So, we got lucky when we were shopping at Cabela's. Santa took some time out of his hunting schedule to find out children's wishes.
Kells was so great. He waited in line so patiently with his hands crossed watching as each child went up ahead of him. When he got to the front of the line the camera battery went dead so the kids on Santa's lap were there for forever and Kells finally turned around and asked, "is it my turn yet?" Aha! The camera was fixed.
Kells sprinted into Santa's lap and when asked what he wanted for Christmas promptly responded with "A PopGun!" No, it wasn't a Red Rider BB gun with a compass and a stock but it was a gun none the less. When Santa prodded some more, Kells could not for the life of him think of anything else he wanted. This is despite the fact that my child will want EVERY SINGLE toy from commercials on the Cartoon Network. It is quite comical for the first couple commercials but becomes very old after the fifteenth time of hearing "I wanna get that." in awe as if this plastic and metal foot breaker is the best thing EVER invented.
After many suggestive questions from Santa Kells decided he did want a puppy and a skateboard and most definitely did not want a baby sister.