Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas Came and Went

We had a fantastic Christmas this year and though Kells didn't get all jazzed up about opening presents, he did enjoy playing with them. The toys he loved the most belonged to his cousin CJ. It didn't matter what was in front of him he had to have CJ's toys. It's like CJ's hands left a scent on the darn things too because those were the only ones he was interested in. Luke was trying to get Kells to open one of his presents and Kells just kept turning around and making a b line for CJ's hot wheels. He did find one of his toys tasty however.
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Kells was such a great kid all weekend long. He snuggled with Uncle Chad
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put up with being smooched constantly from everyone, including Aunt Cala
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Just barely though
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and even tried to do some smooching of his own.
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All in all it was a great weekend with great friends and family.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas Parties

Tonight we had the annual Fireman's Christmas party. It was held in a local business of a couple of the firefighters and it was fun. Not raging good time but good clean fun. After the first Christmas party of the season, which was my company party with lots of food, alcohol and as the night wore on the whispers of who was going to get the dildo for the white elephant present, we decided that it would be best to put Kells in his pajamas for this one. With him being in his pajamas the wake up factor when we got home would be less. Well, the plan was good, the results were even better. Kells didn't sleep at all. He charmed, wooed, entertained, and was just an all around joy for everyone there. He flirted with a 4 year old little girl named Lucy who was wearing a red velvet dress with faux fur on the hem. So adorable. If he's gonna go for older women at least he has taste. He stole legos from a cute 7 year old boy who was a push-over and thank goodness because my baby is just 14 months after all. The elder women swooned and the younger gals giggled. He was the life of the party. During the gift exchange he showed his sensitive side by dangling a gift bag from his arm and walking around to each person in the circle. Kells inspected every gift unwrapped and tried really hard to walk away with a fabulous baroque clock and plate for mommy. Afterward he played like a little gentleman with the present that Nana had won. It was a toy mini motorcycle. He only screamed once and it was for about 2 seconds after I told him no he couldn't dig in the garbage can. Then he toddled back into the circle and mingled once again. At the end of the night women were telling me how wonderful a baby he is and that he is a very lucky boy to have parents that raise him so well. It's so nice to hear that when every day all you wonder is how bad you are going to screw up this perfect little being.

How I lived without digital!!! I have no idea

So I got the pictures back from Santa Clause trauma and OMG, the quality is terrible even after the scanning. So, bear with me and this weekend hopefully I'll get some more of him freaking out with mall Santa. I am an evil mother.
Oh the HORROR!!!!
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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Big Bearded Men

So I found today that Kells has a major trust factor with big bearded men. In this case he happened to be wearing a velvety red suit with fuzzy white stuff everywhere (which in most cases kids are extremely attracted to) but Kells was not into it at all. In fact, he was so not into it that he screamed bloody murder when we got within 5 feet of the man. The man I am talking about is of course, Santa Clause. We do have pictures, however, because I loaned my digital camera to my boss and have yet to retrieve it I have to use the ancient method of developing actual film so that could take a couple days. Rest assured, I will show off the tonsils of my son while he clings with steel grip to his father's shoulder. It really was quite amusing, however I did give Kells the standard comfort needed to appease him. That and the candy cane didn't hurt either.

Friday, December 16, 2005

What does my Birthday Mean

Your Birthdate: September 6
You tend to be a the rock in relationships - people depend on you.Thoughtful and caring, you often put others needs first.You aren't content to help those you know... you want to give to the world.An idealist, you strive for positive change and dream about how much better things could be.
Your strength: Your intuition
Your weakness: You put yourself last
Your power color: Rose
Your power symbol: Cloud
Your power month: June
What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Daredevil? Maybe. No Jackasses!!

I have noticed a pattern in Kells behavior. He believes he can throw himself from anything and be caught. The couch, the stairs, the bed, his high chair. He doesn't particularly care. And that's normal, which makes me feel good but it's still hard to understand. After his bout with the stairs you would think he would show some caution but I think I have an adrenaline junkie on my hands. I'm already concocting prevention programs for Jackass like qualities in my child. I mean, I'm all for adventure but if he decides it would be fun to hang over a crocodile pond with raw chicken hanging out of a jock strap then Mama is gonna step in no matter what his age. Anyway, last night he crawled up to the top of the couch and spread his arms out and laughed. It wasn't quite an evil laugh but it did have a Gaston-like (from Beauty & the Beast) quality to it. Once he had our attention he let out a banshee squeal and hurls himself face first off the couch. My roommate, who is closer, reaches out and catches him head first. Kells flips over head comes up eyes shining and there is that huge grin again. I'm sure I have a skydiver in the making.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Perspective is everything

If you have a small child you may have noticed that they are often owl-like creatures with the way they turn their heads almost completely around just to get a better look. Apparently it doesn't occur to humans until much older, in the male case VERY much longer, that they can simply turn their head the other way and get a better look. For small children it is the same. My son will turn his head until it is promising to twist off at the base of his skull just to get a glimpse of Cooper, the dog, as he passes by in the kitchen. And if he that meer glimmer doesn't suffice, he will fall over backwards, arch his back and start turning his head like a top on the floor with his body rotating around it. Apparently it is giving him a neck exercise. Why he doesn't just switch sides is beyond me but that is the way he chooses to do it.
Also, I have noticed that Kells will wiggle his way into anything he sets his mind to. The other night we were playing on the couch and in one moment I am getting my face eaten off by his wonderful "kisses" and the next he's launched himself toward the other end and in less than 5 seconds all I am seeing is the bottom of his feet flying in the air. He has been practicing his nose dives apparently because he did this so gracefully that he landed just so as to tumble into a somersault and land just next to the bookshelf. Between the bookshelf and the barrier we have set up to deter him from the ever tempting leafs of great literature that obviously must taste exquisite if there are such extreme security measures. So there he stands with so much pride in his face that you can clearly see all eight of his teeth. And of course, then comes the laugh!! Such a musical sound that no one would be able to resist a smile after that melody.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

My son is possessed

We recently returned from a trip to Alaska and I swear some snow demon took over my son while we were in the wastelands of subzero temperatures. He has been so down in the dumps, cranky, whining, and just plain unpleasant since we set down back in Washington. I can't figure out how to excise this horrid attitude from him. I've tried Motrin to rid him of the temper the demon puts in him and it seems he has been sleeping enough to be classified as hibernating but with all his waking moments he is almost unbearable. Well, perhaps it's only the waking moments when I am home that he acts like this because his father, who is home with him all day, hasn't said anything about his piss on the world attitude. Or maybe it's just me???
I walked into the house from work yesterday and he was smiling and happy. It was so great to see him so chipper and excited to see me. You know, that warm fuzzy, I am loved feeling? That's when I made a mistake. I set him down to go start making dinner and the wailing started. By wailing I don't mean a small mewling, mommy that hurt my feelings noise, I mean full out sirens blaring, someone is cutting off my nose and bending my fingers back at the same time wailing. So I picked him up and he was happy. That made me feel oh so good but now I had a dilemma. Dinner wasn't going to fix itself and I had a 20 lbs blonde appendage. And for those who don't know me, I'm packing around enough 20 lb pockets for this to be a problem. Not just the extra libs but also the fact that I am essentially a solo armed chef now. Ever tried chopping a clove of garlic with one arm? Not an easy task. So the idea comes to me to set Kells on the counter and make a mad dash for the chopping block, which is directly next to where Kells is sitting and block his hands with one arm and somehow chop the garlic with the other. He is having great fun on the counter so the demon is obviously dormant at this moment. Then he picks up a piece of garlic and pops it in his mouth and gives me the most what have you done to me, blech, head shaking, shoulders shuddering looker ever. I pick him up and decide it's time to let my arm have a rest and take him to dad so I may proceed with dinner. The MOMENT I walk through the doorway into the living room Kells knows exactly what my plan is and starts with his wailing again. This time directly into my ear. I'm still not sure my eardrum has recovered.
So, toting the possessed child back into the kitchen I continue with dinner. What a GREAT night to choose fettucini alfredo with sauteed chicken for dinner. It actually didn't turn out too bad to tell you the honest truth and I am hoping Kells may get an appreciation for cooking if we end up having more moments like this. Either that or my biceps are going to be enormous and my ambedextrious ability will get even stronger. There is always a silver lining.