Friday, December 15, 2006

Nature lover

Kells and I went for a walk on Sunday. It was relaxed and a nice stroll, minus the wind howling 30 miles an hour and an occassional pelting of rain. Overall, it was peaceful and I found my son has a love of nature. So much so that as we were walking he would pass every bush and wave at it and say "Hi tree!" He was oh so polite and when he pulled the twigs he did it ever so gently and then wrapped them in his hand and put them gently in his pockets.
I've been realizing a lot lately what a little gentleman I have. The cashier at the store was so impressed with him the other day because I had him put his juice on the counter and he stood there and waited for me to pay, candy looking him square in the eye and never once did he reach for it or say "I want some." He stood quietly by my side and once I had paid he tucked his apple juice under his arm, walked to the door and turned and waved good-bye to the clerk.
It's so refreshing seeing a well behaved child and it's very rewarding knowing it's your own that is getting the compliments and showing their children how a child should act.