Wednesday, April 11, 2007


It was pointed out to me that I do not write in here often enough and low and behold when I logged in it was blaringly clear why I was being admonished. It's been almost 3 months and there have been a couple new things going on.
1 is that Kells had to get glasses. Margaret and I were both noticing that he was getting up really close to things and putting his food right in front of his eyes. Off we whisked him to the eye doctor and boy do I love mama intuition. He is severly far sighted and needs glasses. At first I was devastated but then the doctor explained that this is something that can be corrected and he may not have to wear glasses his whole life. Woohoo!! yeah for that. Even knowing that, when it came time to get his glasses I had the worst emotional dilema ever. You see, he is absolutely adorable in glasses but they are so thick it makes it look like he is blind. It's good he is getting assistance with his sight so that he may be able to learn now but it's also sad to think there is something that is wrong with my child. Not in the defective, can I return him way, but in a way that I can't fix with a kiss or a bandaid. So, for now, we fix it by getting him glasses.
I was so worried about the struggle it was going to be to keep them on his head as well. I got a strap and everything to make it more difficult for him to rip them from his face. Turns out, it was unneeded. He loves his glasses!! Loves so passionately that when I was changing him into his pjs last night he threw a fit and screamed that he wanted his glasses. Well, that's good. Margaret wrote today that he hasn't touched them at all and it's as if they have been there all along. He must really like his new view of the world and I breathe a big sigh of relief knowing that my son can see clearly now and enjoys the world he lives in.
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I didn't want to get him some wire rimmed ones that are a bit nerdy so this is what we settled on. Blue converse chunky rims. He looks a bit Ralphyish but still styling.
I was a little concerned about his eyelashes hitting the lenses because he does have freakishly long eyelashes but so far so good. I think it's within millimeters though.
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And one without the tongue sticking out. I'm not sure what the tongue business was about because he doesn't always do that but for some reason last night that's all he wanted to do.
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