Friday, August 29, 2008

It's the little things

Yesterday morning Kells woke up before I was quite ready to. He came in and snuggled up with me. The alarm went off and I reluctantly got out of bed to shut it off and snuggled back in for the next 9 minutes until I would have to do it again. After I got into bed, Kells snuggled up next to me, stroked my cheek and said, "Mom, let's not get up. Let's just lay here."

Fair time

We went to the fair a couple weeks ago when Grandma Vicki was visiting. Kells had a BLAST! First we watched the police dog demonstration and while that was kinda cool, Kells couldn't wait to get out of there and go see something else. He did give me a chance to take some pictures with the police officers and their dogs. They gave out little playing cards too.
Then it was off to pony rides. This is the first time he had ridden a pony and he loved it. He was a real "cowboy"!
While on the way out of the fair they had a climbing wall and jump elastics. I want to say bungee but they weren't dropping kids off bridges or anything. So, he decided he wanted to do that. Let me tell you, was terrified and fairly certain that he would get up to the top, open his eyes really wide and decide it was too scary and want down. I couldn't have been more wrong! He jump and went sky high and LOVED every minute of it. He started shouting "I'm spiderman" and curled up his hands and started shooting spiderwebs at all the people walking by. I know I should be proud but it just punctuates that he is getting big.
I do apologize for the small pictures. Cell phone pics just don't do the experience justice.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Okay Okay

Well, I have been neglectful. I didn't realize it had been so long since I had been over here and then my sister mentioned she was putting a link to my blog on her blog so I guess I'd better get on it.
It's been roughly 9 months since the last post. Kells is potty trained and has been since about 2 weeks before that last post. He had a great 3rd birthday with tons of people showing up. (who knew a 3 year old had so many pals)
And lots and lots of fun too

and then.................
Christmas came and went and of course my camera quit working about a week before that lovely event so no pictures. We had fun at grandma's and all got together for a big family brunch before heading home.

and then...................
I became a football player and Kells thought it was the coolest thing in the WORLD!! He now walks up to young girls and ask them if they play football and get cross eyed looks back. He doesn't understand why and I love that fact.

Recently Luke and I have begun wondering about how to get him to understand "stranger danger" because he will say hello to anyone. Last weekend I played in a softball tournament and Kells mosied up to some gals and started up a conversation. Here is our conversation:

Me: "Hey Kells, do you know those girls' names?"
Kells: "Yes!"
Me: "Well, what are their names then?"
Kells: "Srangers"

so he kinda gets it but hasn't gotten the concept of not talking to them. We'll work on that.