Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Snow day

Wow! Two posts in one day....within an hour of each other. This is probably never happen again.
So the reason for this post is because I came across some pictures that I had taken the week of Christmas and completely forgot about. During that week, we got snow. And though it wasn't like an Alaskan winter, it was about a foot and that's a lot for Vancouver.
On the first day of the "arctic blast" (the news actually named the cold snap this) my entire office shut down. I went to work anyway. And since I didn't figure I would be there too long, I decided to bring Kells along with me. He ran up and down the halls for a bit. Raced the rolling chairs, running them into walls, took pieces of paper and magnets and played "Backugan" in the hallways (now THAT was fun to watch) and then got bored with being inside so insisted on going outside. Thankfully, all of the trucks were parked in the back parking lot and the gates were locked so Kells had an entire parking lot of fresh snow all to himself. He made good use of it and spent the majority of the day running in and out of the office to give me updates on the size of snowballs he was making.
I love this kid!

Santa didn't listen

I do apologize for the time between posts. I don't have a lot of new pictures but I do have some news. Kells got his popgun for Christmas and was over the moon for it. He plays with it at least once a day for a total of 1 minute. So, not too bad. A couple weeks after Christmas he did mention that Santa didn't bring him a puppy or skateboard though so he was a little bothered by that. One thing that Santa did not listen to him on was the little sister though. He was adamant he did not want a little sister but guess what?! A little sister it is. Needless to say, I was a little apprehensive about telling him this. This is pretty much how the conversation went.

Mom: "Kells, we went to the doctor today and found out that you are going to have a little sister."
Kells: "I want a little brother."
Mom: "I know you do, but the doctor looked and it's a girl so you're getting a little sister."
Kells: "I want to see pictures."

and that was it. I showed him the pictures, including the one that showed no penis and he was satisfied. Now he asks on a daily basis "When is the baby going to be here?" When asked what his little sister's name is he promptly says "Deirdre Caj" He says it perfectly and includes the middle name every time. I think he'll be a very good big brother and even though he's not getting a little brother, he's gonna love the baby.
Deirdre Caj, due May 27th 2008