Thursday, November 30, 2006

Shipped off

Luke and I are going on a mini-vacation. Kells was going to stay with his Grandma Betsey but due to the weather and her being frozen on the island, she was unable to come down to visit. Instead I called upon a dear friend of mine to watch over him while we are gone. I was a bit worried he would have a hard time with this because he has not seen my dear friend in about 9 months. Well, turns out I am very easily replaced. He is having so much fun that when I called last night Kim asked him if he wanted to talk to Mommy and he gave a very definitive NO! Well, how do you like that? You carry them, give them life, feed and care for them and that's how you get repaid. Well I NEVER!!
At any rate, he is having a ball and this little montage is what I got sent in my email. Can you guess what it is?
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And Kells new temporary Mommy gives him kisses justlike me.
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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Toddler Eating Bed!! ARGH!!!!

I think Kells may think his toddler bed morphs into a monsterous bed that is going to saute him up and eat him as a midnight snack. That's the only thing I can logically (now you know I am sleep deprived) as to why he must wake up screaming bloody murder at around 3 am every morning. Well, not every morning, but recently it has been almost every morning. Last night/this morning he woke up and I swear he was posessed. By what? You got me. I haven't a clue but the way he was contorting his body and screaming bloody hell, you'd think there were some demons thrashing about. And I couldn't calm him. Still have no clue what the deal was but after about a half an hour he fell asleep in my arms curled up just nicely. I went to lay him in his bed and BAM!! the demons were back. There's something about that damn toddler bed. He loves it during the day but at night he might as well be screaming "It's GONNA EAT ME!!!"

Friday, November 24, 2006


And I'm not talking that funny little monkey on Dora either. I'm talking Kells' winter boots. We got him lovely Columbia snow boots at Value Village. They are practially brand new with wool popping out the seams, on purpose. Big clunky rubber soles and Kells is in love with them. First thing he does when he wakes up is run around his room yelling Boots!! All day long he walks around pronouncing "My boots." We're working on potty training and today I sat him on the toilet and he wouldn't even wipe his imaginary excrement without wearing his boots. He freaked out until I put them on him. These apparently have magical powers. And occassionally he'll put them on the right feet.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Deeetars and bunJOOOOOS

Kells got to have a sick day yesterday because dad took off of work to be with him as he hacked up a very precious and small lung. I had to go to work. When I got home my son had learned a new word and was a pickin wonder. I know some day he will be in a rock start band. Well, rock is less likely, blue grass seems to be his rythm of choice. Kells can bump to the beat so amazingly. I didn't figure out how to dance with the music until I was well into my 20's but he seems to have it down and my favorite part of his whole freedom dancing is he will bring one hand up to his stomach and strum it with his other hand. Just like a guitar. It's wonderful to see. Also, he inherited an harmonica from his great grandpa and he will run around the house blowing on it and then clapping his hands saying Yeah!!! He loves music.
Luke has had a banjo that he has never touched since we have been together. It just sits in the corner looking authentic country. Last night it was laying on the floor and Kells was picking it. I asked him what it was and he proudly and loudly says DEEEtar!! Well, that surprised me. I wasn't really expecting him to know the word for it. I assumed, for whatever reason, that Luke hadn't told him the word for it. Well, I guess I assumed because if he had he would have taught him banjo instead of guitar. So I asked Luke if he taught him that word and he said no, he just said it. Well, woohoo!! I pointed at the DEEtar and said "very good!! How bout Banjo?" He looks at me and says buuunJOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo. Screams the JO. Runs around the house screaming bunJOOOOOO and DEEEtar. That kid is the best!!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Bigger and bigger

Okay, so it's been forever but now I'm back for a few anyway. Kells is 2 now and full of piss and vinegar, although right now he's full of Robitussin because he has this nasty cough that, it seems from his reaction, is slicing his throat like papercuts. Drool pouring out of him like someone opened up the floodgates. Poor little guy is really not loving this being sick business and trying to help him last night was heartbreaking. Nothing I could do would help so I just kept hugging him and stroking his little blonde head and rocking him whispering, "relax, it's okay."

He had his two year check up and turns out I malnourish and put weights on the kid because he is only 25lbs 7oz (I swear when I was looking at the scale it said 27lbs 7oz) and is 35 inches tall. It equivocates to the 25th percentile and the 60th percentile. Okay, the height isn't bad but boy did the doctor have all sorts of things to say about what and how I feed him. Did you know that I should cut out fruit in the shapes of things like stars or animals to get him to eat them? Okay, if any mom has that much time or energy to do that, well then give them a medal because they are something special. That or very very organized or anal. I think my neighbor might do something like that and therefore the anal theory is exact.

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Kells has started having an obsession with hats. And anything will do. He loves the gift bags for hats and I will often find him walking around with one completely over his face. How he has managed to not run into everything is beyond me. Could it be I have superboy on my hands and he has x-ray vision? If it's not bags it's Luke's cowboy or baseball hats. I'm not complaining except for the fact that whenever I actually want him ot wear a hat it goes on for 30 seconds tops and then is off and on the ground and he wants nothing to do with it. Go figure.

I've started painting again and Kells likes to join me. The first attempt he just wanted to drink the paint water. I don't blame him, it was a nice shade of puce green. Yum!! That's the good stuff right there. I know I'm going to have a health nut on my hand. One that drinks those wheat grass smoothies. He'd do it just for the color I'm teling ya. There have been more attempts and he has done just fine. He likes to sit at the table and draw. In fact, I found out he likes to draw so much that while cleaning the kitchen this weekend I discovered his amazing mural on the wall. Good thing it was in pencil.
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I was working on this painting and had him put his handprint on it (you can see the little tips of his fingers) and after that he decided it was his painting. I hid it several times and found him scaling the bookshelf trying to get to it. He's one determined little boy. Now it is out of sight, out of mind and he has moved on to other things to worry me about, like climbing onto the counter and trying to play with the stove. He likes helping me cook but doesn't quite understand that he can really hurt himself if he touches a lit burner so we're working on that one.
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We have discovered he has a good throwing arm recently. Well, not so much discovered as found out when he threw a flashlight and caught me right under the eye with it. I can't remember the last time I cried like that. It was one of those injuries that didn't even allow for a breath to compose myself. It hit and I bawled. Not just a little tear either but a full on wail. Kells just stared at me. I don't have one of those kids that will cry because they see their mommy crying, I've found. He just looked at me like I had 2 heads. He then of course came over and gave me a big hug when his father explained that it hurt when he threw this hard plastic baton at mommy's face. At least I hope he understood that. He hasn't done it again. Of course, we haven't given him the flashlight back for round 2 either.
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And lastly, I just wanted to share this picture of Kells when he was about 7 months old. My how the time has flown. Look, he's wearing a hat and spitting at me. Time has flow but some things never change.