Saturday, September 24, 2005

Oh the faces I've made

It has recently occurred to me that in order to truly track my son's firsts I should also include the differing of facial expressions to the short (although it should be long) list of things he has done. It seems when he was a newborn he knew how to contort his face into only a few comical and thought provoking appearances. After his facial muscles became more adept at changing and rearranging into other more inquisitive and expressions I began to try to interpret exactly what he was thinking.
The first actual facial recognition I noticed in him was only a few hours after his birth when he was faced with not one, but two depictions of his mother. My identical twin sister, in an attempt to see her newborn nephew, had maneuvered her face right next to mine. In the time it took my poor unsuspecting son to look into my eyes and shift to see that his mother now had two heads, his brow furrowed and his eyes became distant. It was an automatic analytical expression that had the uncanny resemblance to what Auguste Rodin must have seen while sculpting his now famous, The Thinker. I was taken aback at the profound questioning in the eyes of this new life who had not even been given a chance to eat but had been forced into such thought provoking imagery from the moment of birth. Perhaps my son will become a great problem solver and find the cure of cancer?

Thursday, September 22, 2005

I should have started this a year ago

I should have started this a little less than a year ago on the day my son was born. I should have been keeping track of everything new that he has experienced. As it is I have to drag from memory the first time he touched water and the way his fingers danced in the faucet as if they were fairies in a moonlit field prancing about at a festival for the stars. Or his intial look into my father's eyes as his brow furrowed and his lips puckered as if he were Sherlock Holmes just upon a mystery. Since I have been so careless with my memories and the chance to jot my memoirs, I will begin from here and tell you what I do know.
I do know that Kells is getting his 6th tooth this week. His nose is running with some grotesque ooze that has to be of another world. There is no possible way this glowing green goo could come from my precious angel with eyes of blue and hair the color of wheat at harvest.
Alas, I didn't start this when I should have and now he is on his 6th tooth and getting ready to take those precious first steps. To him it must be like walking on the moon. It's amazing how everything is so new.